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I am a consumer psychology specialist and passionate marketing expert. Consumer Psychology is my passion as well as my area of expertise! I have years of training and experience in exploring how people think and feel about products and services; how they process marketing communications and make decisions about brands. It lays the foundation of any successful marketing campaign and informs why certain campaigns work, while others don't!

'Insight' is often labeled as a fancy term to be explored by big companies with large marketing budget! This is a huge misconception. The truth is, businesses, big or small, are always trying to get the attention, love, and share of wallet of their target audience. Catchy content can get a brand noticed, but a profitable, loyal relationship with consumers is developed only when a company knows and understands what motivates its consumers to invest in the brand!

Work with me to reveal the codebook for your target audience. Let's make your marketing investment count!

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Insights By Aditya provides curated, collaborative experience to small and medium-sized businesses to help their brands become successful in the local markets.

Initial Consultation

Brand Report Card

Do you feel you are throwing rocks in the dark? Are you uncertain about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

I will provide customized services to meet the specific needs of your business. No two businesses face the same challenges or possess the same strengths. I will work with you one-on-one to assess your current marketing programs. This 4-week long service package will provide you a detailed assessment of your marketing campaigns and reveal why certain strategies are working for your business, while others are not! 

I will focus on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your brand's online and offline presence. Based on my understanding of the consumer decision-making process, I will identify opportunities for your brand to increase engagement and profitability. Contact me today to set up your initial consultation. 

Consumer Codebook

Are you breaking through the clutter?

The consumer codebook is a must have tool-kit for every business to be successful. Sign up for a workshop to learn how to crack the most important code for your business! This will stay as a brand asset to be utilized in the future.

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A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Busines

Experience Analysis

Create a memorable experience for your

clients every time! Incorporate big and small details that matter to them! Whether your business has a storefront or it is run from home, I will be in the shoes of your clients and experience your brand through their senses. A comprehensive set of evaluation criteria will be used to give you a 360 overview of your product/service to help you enhance the consumer experience in the future. In addition, I will develop action plans for your brand to incorporate these valuable insights. This evaluation is just one part of the service. I will collect feedback from your current clients. No more losing clients for things you can easily change or fix! Know what matters to them as if you can read their minds!


What’s Being Said

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I have been working with Sutapa to promote my business, Cook Consciously with Vaishali. I find Sutapa to be insightful, detail oriented, flexible and collaborative. During the initial consultation, Sutapa provided a detailed analysis of my business, competition, its current state, and online presence. She attended my sessions to develop a better sense of my services and how I  can differentiate my brand from the competition. In the second phase, she developed a detailed plan for my company in which she came up with great ideas and a well thought out plan for its short term and long term growth. She continues to be a great support for my business by playing the role of a teammate. She has helped me market my business in the local community by curating content for social media, finding collaboration opportunities with local businesses, connecting with local media, and much more. I wish her success and would highly recommend her service to other businesses.

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